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To promote: Insomnia; Directly and sharply increase IQ*, Boost cognitive function; Heightens perception; Reduce stress and increases resistance to stress; Increase inner peace and calm; Raise stamina and endurance. Alleviation of motor impairment from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other autoimmune conditions; Promote neuronal and cellular healing; Forestall the aging process; Rapidly advance healing of wounded muscles and ligaments; Deep, dynamic alignment with and attenuation to Universal Consciousness.


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h4 (w/ Stream ed.)
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The Hyperaxon h4 is a neuro-audio program that unifies and synchronizes 16 complimentary tone streams in order to provide highly intensive brain stimulation for persons living with neurological disorders such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Down's Syndrome and others, including stroke patients. Distributed for general use, h4

·          directly and sharply increases IQ,
·          boosts cognitive function,
·          heightens perception,
·          reduces stress and increases resistance to stress,
·          increases inner peace and calm,
·          raises stamina and endurance,
·          promotes neuronal and cellular healing and
·          increases the body's ability to process and utilize light/radiant energy in
              healing and transformative processes,
·          forstalls the aging process
·          is an excellent remedy for insomnia
·          and more.

h4 is also very good for meditation. It's highly recommended for body workers, acupunturists and therapists who are interested in media that's reliably soothes while also being invigorating.

Using h4

It's easy to use h4. h4 is embedded nearly subliminally within the sound of running water and ocean waves. All you need to do is put it into a standard CD or media player and run the program. For best results, listen to it with headphones, regularly, ideally in the morning upon awakening and a night before going to bed, or even on continuous play while sleeping. You don't even need to be sitting still or laying down to use it. Just set it to a low volume, low enough to hear while having a normal conversation and do anything you need to do. However, although it can be used during normal daily activity, h4 is not to be used while driving or while doing other activities requiring high degrees of alertness.

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