HyperAxon best enables brains to do what they do best.

Synapses animation courtesy of the Mindful Living Foundation

Audio = audible excerpt from Hyperaxon h4, (a subliminal program.)

You don't need to [but, you'll probably wish to] go beyond here to experience what your brain is like on HyperAxon.
Use headphones, or ear buds, (if you aren't hearing this through them already), and just listen to the audio we've here provided. (Reload page/frame to start over.) Although it is only a tiny snippet of the full sequence, listening to it only once, from beginning to end, shall remarkably boost your brain's interhemispheric communication---the second, or third time through, you'll understand.

In case you're born during an earth sign, and tend to require more time, give yourself 5 minutes--go, and browse other things; within that time, you may be quite aware of your right and left brain "talking to each other", as the audio code is symmetrically communicated between them. With continued listening, you may also aware of the intrahemispheric benefit within 5 minutes thereafter.

Within 1/2 hour, even with this snippet, you may perceive your surroundings with a heightened degree of discreetness, with all 5 physical senses.

We've said enough, out here. Come in; there's more for you to be more of you, within

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